What is a Google Virtual Tour?

Google Virtual Tours (also known as Google Business View or See Inside Street View) is official Google content that utilizes the commonly used “Street View” technology of Google Maps to allow customers to “See Inside” of your business. It’s interactive content that gives the most awesome preview of the customer experience at each location. Watch the video below to see the technology in action.

How do my customers use it?

Your Google Virtual Tour will integrate seamlessly with all of the ways your customers will search for you on Google. This includes MAPS, regular SEARCH, and Google+. Everybody’s using Google Maps for directions these days and this rich content will be right at their fingertips!

Are there any additional fees or monthly charges?

Nope. WalkThru360 helps you to maximize the “Free Real Estate” that Google gives every business. The content we help you create will be owned by you and will live with your profile indefinitely.

Do I get the copyright to Point of Interest Images?

YES. You will get full copyrights to all images created and are free to use them on any digital platform (ie Facebook, blog, etc.) or print. The Google Tour + High Resolution Images.

These Google Tours must be super expensive, Right?

Nope. Google has created a platform to efficiently produce this interactive content allowing us, the Google Street View Trusted Photographer, to offer this service at a truly affordable price.

I have a fancy camera, can’t I just do this myself?

Nope.  Only Google Trusted Street View Photographers can offer this service. We have worked extensively to be certified and trained on the best techniques to create the most beautiful experience of your business. We protect your brand and present great imagery of your business!

How long does a virtual tour shoot take?

For most businesses, the shoot lasts about 1-2 hours. Then we hustle back to the office and begin the post-production process. Within 1-2 weeks your tour will be LIVE across all Google Platforms!

Can people be present for the Google Tour?

Yes. Customers and employees can be present, but their faces will be blurred to ensure privacy. Many business owners prefer to show the business in its pure state and without people and we can shoot early or late if you prefer this look.

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